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We can do something about it together.

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A friendly software consulting company

Fair price

We don’t eat your money! it’s not just about making money to us; We love what we do!

Nothing to hide

Our plans are simple, clear and straightforward. Consulting fee is predictable now!

Friendly crew

We enjoy solving problems, drinking coffee and making new friends.

Our plans

We make consultant fees fair and predictable.

Single question

When Stack Overflow doesn't answer. 


Fixed price

Price includes VAT

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Couple of questions Great for busy tech departments

We can help you pass your monthly challenges


5 problems per month

Price includes VAT

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Unlimited answers Great for startups & agencies

we can be your hidden weapon

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We have great offers ;)

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People we can bring value to their work

How we work?

Here is the answer:

Nope! We don’t use hourly rates.

There are some problems with hourly rate model:

  • You need to wait for estimations of the price. Everytime!
  • Can’t predict the final cost precisely. There is always a chance of underestimating.
  • When you pay for hours, people may like to go slow.

You pay the fixed price, we go faster. A win-win plan!

We have fixed price plans.

You have a problem and our job is to help you find a solution. It’s not about hours in our case. So, no matter how complex your problem is, you always pay a fixed price for answers.

As a result, we solve problems in less time in order to make more profit. That’s it!

We can help you with a wide range of problems.
  • Badass features. We can build them together.
  • Launching new products is fun. Choosing the right tech stack can also be fun with us.
  • Performance issues need lots of investigations. More eyes always work better.
  • Some bugs aren’t bugs. They’re dragons! We help you chain them up.

And anything else a handy developer can jump in and help out!

Communication can happen in any form.

Email, slack, video call, etc. Whatever you prefer!

To us, This is a matter of friendship, not tools. Let’s focus on what really matters.